Anonymous Donor Gifts £10 Million to Support Research at University of Surrey’s Vet School

An anonymous donor has gifted £10 million to support ongoing research work at the University of Surrey’s vet school. This is the largest donation in the university’s history, following the launch of the £60 million fund-raising campaign called The Future Says Surrey.

Pro-vice-chancellor Paul Townsend expressed immense gratitude, stating that this donation will be a game-changer and make a huge difference. The university plans to ensure that the donation funds work closest to the donor’s heart.

Supporting Students and Animal Welfare Research

The £10 million donation is expected to support scholarship schemes, enabling students from poorer backgrounds to take up degree places, as well as research into animal welfare issues.

Surrey researchers are currently working on reducing pain for dogs caused by selective breeding that creates unnatural head shapes, and potentially quicker, more accessible cancer treatments, among other topics.

Chris Proudman, the head of Surrey’s vet school, said that the generous gift would advance their knowledge and understanding of how best to look after and treat companion animals. It will enable them to fund critical research while supporting the innovative educational programmes that are the hallmark of the school’s approach to training the vets of the future.

Advancing Veterinary Science and Animal Well-Being

Nick Bacon, clinical director of AURA Veterinary, based on the university’s Science Park, highlighted the importance of cancer research as more than half of dogs and nearly a third of cats are estimated to develop the disease. Improving our understanding of early diagnosis, patient-centred treatments and innovations in compassionate care are crucial for animal welfare and society as a whole.

Bacon further explained that little separates animal and human cancers, and this generous gift would advance veterinary science and animal well-being, forging stronger human-animal bonds.

Advancing the University’s Mission

President and Vice-Chancellor Max Lu stated that with support from alumni and donors like this, Surrey, as a leading global institution, would further its mission to help shape a better world.

The University of Surrey’s vet school is grateful for this generous gift and is committed to using it to advance research, support students, and improve animal welfare.

Strategy and Delivery Manager at the Surrey University Vet School