We facilitate innovation in animal health

We bring together academia, research organisations and industry to drive innovation in the animal health sector by creating shared opportunities for value creation through collaborations, data and digital transformation.
HPO Animal Health Enterprise M3 Pets Animal Health Innovation Network

Part of the GREAT High Potential Opportunity - Animal Health

Opportunity to meet the growing demand for animal health innovations across surveillance, disease detection and intervention, animal wellbeing, and clinical services.
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Our Mission

Our network capitalises on existing world class scientific expertise, physical and intellectual infrastructure across its stakeholders to support a whole chain solution – from ideation to commercial delivery for innovative animal health solutions.
We exploit transformational digital technologies, exponentially growing research and entrepreneurial activities, to create and manage knowledge bases, expanding capacity and attracting new animal health companies to promote regional economic development and employment.
Research and Resource Collaboration

We enhance capacity for collaborative bids to research funders and improve succession planning from creation of a wider pool of local candidates with relevant scientific skill sets.

Data access and sharing

By combining data sets across organisations we increase accuracy of data analysis, explore data trends, and address barriers to data sharing, data security, and data governance.

Events & Funding Resources

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Research and Collaboration

Building on our combined expertise, facilities and data, we aim to transform veterinary health and wellbeing for the benefit of animals, human health and the environment.

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