Blowfly Alert page relaunched in time for Spring

NADIS Blowfly alert

Following its success in previous years, NADIS have relaunched their blowfly watch page in conjunction with Elanco. The map uses a traffic light system (Green-Low, Orange-Medium, Red-High) to predict the emergence of blowflies throughout the UK, helping farmers to prepare for the appearance of blowfly strike in sheep.

Blowfly strike is caused by greenbottles laying eggs in wet, dirty wool or open wounds. As they develop into larvae, they feed on the hosts skin/muscle, causing damage, pain, and discomfort to the sheep. Blowfly strike can cause significant losses in productivity, fleece damage, increased labour/treatment costs and death.

Preventative measures include chemical pour on products, regular dagging/crutching practices, monitoring worm burdens, shearing, and keen monitoring for signs.

The NADIS map can be accessed here.