BSAVA Library Celebrates 5 Years with an Extensive Collection of Free Veterinary Resources

The curators of the BSAVA Library have unveiled a remarkable compilation of resources, all of which have been meticulously crafted to celebrate the momentous fifth anniversary of the project’s initiation.

This remarkable collection boasts an extensive array of over 9,000 distinct resources, comprising chapters, companion articles, clinical videos, congress lectures, and scientific documents, among others.

Since its inception in 2018, this online repository has garnered an impressive record of over 430,000 access instances, with a staggering 7.7 million views of its contents and nearly a million text downloads, firmly establishing its significance and value.

For the duration of May, this invaluable compilation is available for free, catering to a broad range of topics such as nutrition, the treatment of itchy skin, and injectable anaesthetics.

Ian Mellor, the head of publishing at the association, expressed his heartfelt sentiments, stating, “Over the past five years, and even during the developmental phase preceding its launch, our endeavors to discover novel approaches to present and facilitate access to the diverse content generated by BSAVA have truly been a labor of love.”

Mellor further encouraged veterinary professionals to actively engage with the library and provide feedback, emphasizing, “We wholeheartedly welcome and value feedback from the veterinary profession. Please share your thoughts on what aspects you appreciate, any areas you feel less enthusiastic about, and suggestions for additional content that would greatly benefit your practice. This invaluable input will assist us in shaping our digital offerings for the foreseeable future.”

Comments and feedback should be emailed to

The free collection is accessible online.

Strategy and Delivery Manager at the Surrey University Vet School