A New Horizon for UK’s Animal Health Sector: The Bespoke Deal with Horizon Europe

The UK’s recent association with Horizon Europe, the world’s largest research collaboration program, has been met with widespread enthusiasm across various sectors. For us at the Animal Health Innovation Network, this is particularly exciting news. The bespoke deal promises to unlock unparalleled opportunities for research and innovation in animal health. In this blog post, we explore the implications of this landmark agreement for animal health companies in the UK.

Key Highlights of the Agreement

Financial Benefits

The improved financial terms negotiated by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are a boon for the UK’s animal health sector. These terms ensure value for money for UK taxpayers and offer increased benefits for our scientists and researchers. The deal also mitigates the impact of any delays from the EU side, ensuring a smoother participation process for UK entities.

Governance and Leadership in Research

The agreement allows the UK to have a say in the governance of EU programs, a privilege we had lost for the last three years. This is crucial for animal health companies as it allows us to influence research directions and policies that could benefit the sector. Furthermore, UK researchers can now lead consortia in Horizon Europe projects, offering a platform for our animal health experts to showcase their leadership.

Global Collaboration

Horizon Europe is not just about collaborating with the EU; it opens doors to global partnerships. This is an excellent opportunity for UK animal health companies to collaborate on a larger scale with countries like Norway, New Zealand, Israel, and even those looking to join like Korea and Canada.

Implications for Animal Health Companies in the UK

Funding and Grants

The deal ensures that UK animal health researchers can apply for grants and funding with certainty, thereby accelerating innovation in areas like disease control, animal welfare, and biotechnology.

Job Creation

The agreement is set to create and support thousands of new jobs, many of which could be in the animal health sector, given its interdisciplinary nature.

Global Reach

The deal enhances the global reach of UK animal health companies, allowing them to lead or participate in international research collaborations. This could result in groundbreaking innovations that could set new industry standards.

Industry Reactions

While the broader scientific community has welcomed the deal, we believe it holds special significance for the animal health sector. The agreement has the potential to drive forward research and innovation in animal health, making the UK a global leader in this field.

The UK’s bespoke deal with Horizon Europe is a monumental step that promises to bring a plethora of opportunities for the animal health sector. From financial benefits to leadership in global research collaborations, the agreement sets the stage for the UK to become a powerhouse in animal health innovation. As we aim to contribute to the UK’s vision of becoming a science and technology superpower by 2030, this association with Horizon Europe could very well be our launchpad.

Strategy and Delivery Manager at the Surrey University Vet School